Erta Ale


Erta Ale is considered as the most active volcano in Africa with a permanent lava lake for longer than 120. The volcano can be ascended by foot or on camelback and takes around four hours. The high temperatures of Danakil and the lack of amenities make it a challenging destination but without a doubt one […]

Danakil Depression

Danakil Depression

The Danakil Depression one of the hottest place .its average temperatures, between 34 and 35┬║ Celsius. Some of the Danakil Depression is located below sea level, even 116m near Lake Asale, considered the lowest spot on the African continent. The Danakil has over 30 active and quiescent volcanoes and extends into Eritrea and Djibouti



Harar is the Islam capital of Ethiopia and is heaving with mosques, colorful markets, coffee shops and collapse walls. It is colorful and photogenic and the Adare (Hariri) women’s dresses and head scarves are particularly colorful and exotic.”The people of Harar are known for their hospitality stringently not a formula. They have a standing for […]