The Ethiopian Easter (Fasika)

The Ethiopian Easter (Fasika)2

The Ethiopian Easter, also called, is one of the furthermost festivals of the Ethiopian people, celebrated with its truest meaning after 56 days of fasting. on this  fasting time Orthodox Christians do not eat meat and dairy products for the whole 55 days to commemorate the 40 days of fasting of Jesus practiced before crucifixion. […]

TIMKET- Ethiopian Epiphany

TIMKET- Ethiopian Epiphany4

Timket is the greatest colorful festival of Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia, It celebrates the baptism of Christ in the river Jordan by John the Baptist. It is a three-day concern and all the ceremonies are conducted with great ceremony. The eve of Timket is called Ketera. This is when the Tabots of each churches being […]

Ethiopian Christmas (Genna)

Ethiopian Christmas (Genna)3

Christmas, called Lidet, is not the principal religious and secular festival that it has become in Western countries. It is illustrious acutely by a church service that goes on during the night, with people moving from one church to another. Traditionally, young men played a game similar to hockey, called Gena.

True Cross (Meskal)

True Cross (Meskal)4

Meskal has been celebrated in the country for many years. The word in fact means “cross” and the feast commemorates the discovery of the cross upon which Jesus was crucified, by the Empress Eleni, the mother of Constantine the Great. Numerous of the cremation observed exactly through the festival are said to be directly connected […]

Ethiopian New Year (Enkutatash)


Enkutatash means the “gift of jewels”. When the illustrious Queen of Sheba returned from her expensive jaunt to visit King Solomon in Jerusalem,the king was present here diamond with a quote Enku le Tatish /diamond ring for you/. The spring festival has been celebrated since these early times and as the rains come to their […]