Day 1 :- Drive from Addis Ababa to awash

Drive to Awash National park after  arrive at Awash national park visit the awash falls, hot Springs, and animal like oryx, baboons, kudu, warthogs, gazelles, colubus monkeys. Plus by chance you can see leopards and lions, endemic animal sala with a long thin horn which is found in this national park. Overnight camping.

Day 2 Drive from awash to Semera

Drive to Semera on the way looks over the senic beauty of the rift valley and traditional Afar people and their villages. Overnight Camping in Semera

Day3  :-Drive from Semera to Afdera

Drive from semera to Afdera in the afternoon we will arrive at afdera and visit Lake Afdera if you are interested you can also swim in the lake and enjoy the hot springs spending the night in the salt mining town of Afdera. Overnight Camping.

Day 4 :- Drive from Afdera and walk to Ert ale

Drive to Dodome village arrive there in the afternoon, late in the afternoon walking further to the bottom and then Climb up Ert-Ale active volcanic mountain in the night enjoying  the eruption of volcano. Overnight camping.


Day 5:-  Drive to Ahmedella


Early in the morning walk back to dodome base camp to meet Balehageru tours Ethiopia vehicle and drive to Ahmedella village where we reach in the afternoon. The meals are served on the way in the shadow of some palms we also walk in the Ahmedella town to see how those people life style is. And how they survive in that dessert area . Overnight Camping


Day  6 :-  Drive to Lake Asale and Dallol


Early in the morning we will start driving through dallol depression . Excursion at Dalol the lowest point on earth which is 128M below the sea level at the colorfill salt lakes and thermo active springs of potash ,sulpfur and other minerals  on the way visit lake asale with so many caravans. Overnight camping.


Day 7 :- Drive to Mekele

Drive to Mekelle and this journey will be through the amazing sediments. Overnight mekelle


Day8 :- Drive mekelle to lalibela

Drive from mekelle to lalibela over night in hotel .


Day 9:-  Lalibela

Excursion on lalibela which is also called Roha and it was the capital of a local dynasty known as The Zagwe. The town was renamed Lalibela after its most important ruler who lived in late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries, made and well known for the 11 eleven rock-hewn churches, king Lalibela. The churches are really the bright marks of that period. overnight hotel

Day 10:-  Fly back to Addis Ababa